miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

Single Naturist Holidays

  Many people seem to be charged a fortune to have a foreign nude holiday, or to try a naturist holiday for the first time...quite frankly i find £150 a night for bed and breakfast in Spain with a few drinks thrown in, just a total rip off.
  I have had friends who have paid £700 a week in February in Portugal, £2000 for 2 weeks in March....do they think that singles are a soft touch? All that paid and often they have been the only guest there, and the owners don't even join them in the nude.
 One review even said ' the owners join you in the pool if they have time'....big deal, at £150 a night, i should think so.
  Well, we offer naturist accommodation for singles at ordinary Bed & Breakfast rates, from 40 euros a night. Unlike the jokers who might join you in the pool if they can be bothered, we look after our guests all day, and entertain them, entertaining on site  and taking them out for drinks if they wish to visit the resort.

 Our website is http://honholidays.vpweb.com/ or http://peniscolanaturista.vpweb.co.uk/ , we are based in Spain, in Peniscola, a popular Spanish holiday resort , with naturist beaches, naturist hiking, nude massage for those wanting to try it, and Peniscola has many bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs.
  Guests can be nude 24/7 and the owners actually join in, as we are naturists too, not just charging a fortune and letting the poor single bloke feel left out...so if you are keen to try a nude holiday, have looked on naturist sites and wanted sun, sea and like minded company, then we wont exploit you, just give you a good holiday.